Dynamic language support
IntelliJ with Bazel

Dynamic language support

The bazel plugin has rudimentary dynamic language support. Dynamic language sources can coexist with Java and other languages in the same workspace.

There is no run/test configuration support yet, and we are unsure of the form that this would take. If you are an experienced IntelliJ user and have an opinion, please contact us or create a feature request.


Make sure you are using Ultimate Edition and simply add your directories to the project view.

You can set workspace_type: javascript if you aren't using Java at all. This sets the workspace module type to WEB_MODULE, but is otherwise mostly cosmetic.


Make sure you are using Ultimate Edition and have the dart plugin installed.

Request dart support by adding dart to the additional_languages section.

Because we aren't able to easily compile against the Dart plugin's source code (plugin-to-plugin dependencies are hairy to manage), you have to manually enable Dart support. The bazel plugin will respect this setting across syncs.

See go/dart-intellij


See TypeScript.


See Python